What did I play this week?

These will probably be Sunday posts. I have a regular gaming night on Saturday’s at my FLGS (Avalon Comics in Santa Barbara, CA). You should join! With the new blog, the holidays, my birthday, and a very accommodating wife, I thought I would do an early what am I playing.

Xmas came and went and the kids and I got a haul of games. THEY got Sorry!, Clue, Battleship, Animal Upon Animal, Secret Code 13+4, and several others. I got Jamaica, Discoveries, Lewis and Clark, Star Trek Panic and others I am forgetting. One other game Large Fry got was Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. (Keep in mind that this list includes my Birthday)

GAMES! 😜 But what games have I been playing? Most of the new ones (and a couple old ones).

Large Fry and I played several games over the break. I have learned he is not a good looser (more on this in a future post).

  1. Battleship:  Battleship is fine. A fully formed strategy against a 6yo brain is no contest. This is where we learned Large Fry is a bad looser. HOT TAKE: 1/2🔥 Is fine for kids. Teaches logic, strategy and critical thinking.
  2. SORRY!: UGGGHHHH. This is fine. The leaving rule is dumb. The dice deck is frustrating. But, if there is nothing else you could do worst. HOT TAKE: 1/4🔥 (Very small fire. Like a match heads worth of a hot take)

  1. Jamaica: This game was for me, but Large Fry really liked it. He got the flow of the game pretty well but misses the strategy of it. I did notice he made several active choices as far as how to resolve the dice. Definitely want to play with more players, but Small Fry gets in the way for games of this complexity. HOT TAKE:🔥🔥 (may change with more plays)
  2. Secret Code 13+4: I liked this game a lot. I think it will help Large and Small Fry with math skills eventually. It’s a little simple for adults so the wife 🙎 and I tried to make it harder. HOT TAKE:🔥🔥

The wife has played many games with me since Christmas.

  1. Discoveries: This is a cute dice game. Theme is a little thin, but has some interesting thoughts. I want to play with three or four as I think the decisions will be more interesting. HOT TAKE: 🔥1/2 pending another couple plays.
  2. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Love it! Cooperative story game. Lots of reading. I know I have one friend who would think it is too much reading, but still lots of fun. HOT TAKE: 🔥🔥🔥 (

  1. Star Wars Destiny:  This game is fun out of the starters but needs some supplemental dice to fully explore. HOT TAKE: 🔥🔥 (This will never be higher than 🔥🔥 because it is collectible and I object to the price per pack)
  2. 7 Wonders Duel:  I LOVE THIS GAME. I love its length. I love that it has a lot of strategy. I love the push and pull. This game is great. You should play it. Drop everything and play it. HOT TAKE: 🚣🏇🚴🏊 (

  1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle:  I was planning on writing a long “review” of this game here, but I am at 550 words and counting. I don’t know if anyone is really up for another 300 words of me rambling about games so lets keep it a short HOT TAKE for now. The wife and I have played many games of this. It’s pretty straightforward and I will elaborate in a future post. We walked through the first 6 books and ran into a wall in book 7. More thoughts to come but here we are. HOT TAKE: 🔥🔥🔥 (maybe 🔥🔥1/2… I still don’t know how this ranking system works.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!


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