We went to Universal Studios Hollywood! Here is a picture!

First stop: WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER! This is LITERALLY, the only reason I wanted to go to Universal Studios. For the most part Disney owns all of my childhood (Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Daredevil and STAR WARS!), but I do believe that the Harry Potter books are truly good literature, and there are a handful of good movies.

Hogsmeade is Amazing. It is very well done and immersive. It helps that 20% of the people were in robes and Hogwarts wares (“wares?” Is that what that means?), but still lots of fun. The food in The Three Broomsticks is very good. I had the shepherd’s pie (it was not a shepherd’s pie, it was a cowherd’s pie, but it was pretty good) and my lovely wife had the Bangers and Mash. A quick note about butterbeer. Hot butterbeer is very good. Frozen butterbeer was fine. Either way, butterbeer is just a sugar bomb. Don’t drink it on an empty stomach. Especially if you are going straight on rides🤢.

How were the rides? They were … fine. Flight of the Hippogryph (sp?) is a cute little roller coaster. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is fun. The line has lots of stuff to look at (unfortunately I did not set my camera to a proper ISO, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ pics?). It is a very impressive ride. The arm picks you up, shakes you really hard, and sets you back down🤢. But, at the end of the day, I don’t like these types of rides.

Small Fry was too small for the Forbidden Journey, but did go on Flight of the Hippogryph. I wouldn’t say he went voluntarily. I’m not sure he liked it (this may also be a theme of this post😕).


(I don’t know any of these people).

Small Fry really liked the Dino Play area. I was having a panic attack over the triceratops headed stegosaurus bodied play facility. Jen went on the Mummy ride which she described as a roller coaster in the dark (yeah, hard pass). Then Large Fry tricked me into the Jurassic Park ride (it was a little too high). Large Fry did a great job with the two teenage girls sitting next to us on the ride.

LF:  “Don’t worry, the big drop isn’t at the beginning!”

LF:  “Don’t worry, the scary part isn’t until later!”
(To be fair, the teenage girls did a pretty decent job playing along.)

While we were down in the lower lot we did the Transformers ride. This ride was fine. You “ride” in a “transformer” that is trying to escape into a city with the All-Spark. It jostled me too hard🤢 (<– this is a running theme in this post).

Ok… so what else did we do?… Honestly, we went on more rides. I think the “problem” with Universal Studios is that the rides are “put on some glasses and watch a screen while your chair moves around.” And that is pretty one dimensional as far as a theme park goes. Also there aren’t really “lands” tying rides together or an over arching theme to the whole park.

ON THE OTHER HAND, Universal Studios is only an hour and a half away and Large Fry likes it. So the day wasn’t all bad. As far as rides go I would probably rank them:

  1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey — Fairly impressive considering the feelings it gave me 🤢
  2. Everything else. (They were all Fine)

Unfortunately, we did not get on the Studio Tour. The last time I went to Universal Studios the ONLY thing there was the Studio Tour. Also, The Good Place is shot on the Universal lot and I could really go for seeing Yogurt Yoghurt Yogurté.

OK. Time for more photos:



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