That means I am telling everyone I am doing this thing. And what better way to start than with “WHAT DID I PLAY THIS WEEK?!?” So…


Unlike last week I have not played that many games. My game time was only at the weekly game night (Avalon Comics and Games, Saturday 5-8 PM). A smallish game crowd of mostly regulars were there. Since I have played so few games this week I will try to embellish more on each game 🗣. Here’s what got played:

  1. Jamaica (Again): But this time with 6 players.In Jamaica 2-6 players are pirates racing around the island of Jamaica. The pirates get points for the gold and treasure they collect and their position in the race.This game definitely holds up wth the higher player count. There are many combats with goods changing hands constantly. The play time was pretty tight at 2 hours, including set up, explanation and a little slow play (not severe analysis paralysis🤔 but some gentle prodding to keep the game moving). All that being said, 6 players is probably one too many. The game seemed to want to move on to the next round after 5 players resolved their turns, though that may have been me (both literally wanting to move to the next turn and figuratively as that was MY feeling).One oddity of the game was that one player ended up very behind. She spent many turns not even getting past the starting line. It seemed unfortunate, but she took it in stride, and I believe she enjoyed herself.

    HOT TAKES🔥🔥 (maybe 🔥🔥1/2, I still haven’t worked out how this rating system works)

  2. Codenames: This game is great. Codenames is a team guessing game. Code givers give one word clues to their team in order for their team to correctly guess thier teams cards on a field of words. Here’s a picture of a set up.
    That description is a little opaque, but trust me this game is great.”WHY IS IT GREAT?” I am glad you asked. It can play a bunch of people, it only takes 15ish minutes to play a game, and it really is a brain burner of a game that is still easy to comprehend and teach. I am most disappointed that I failed to bring my, still unplayed😟, copy of Codenames: Pictures (it’s Codenames with pictures 😛).HOT TAKES 🌞 (<– that's a sun, who knows what that means  ¯\_()_/¯)

So that’s it. Just two games for the week (so far). Thanks for reading. Please share if you like what I have to say. Please don’t read if you don’t want to. Also TBD is supposed to be determined at some point. If you have any ideas please let me know.


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