What did I play this week? (Or I don’t want to write anything, but I am going to do it anyway dagnabbit)

Another week another “What did I play this week?” I have been putting off writing for a couple days purely because, I don’t feel like writing 😞. But in the immortal words of Linguini:

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Second, a “What did I play?” from last week. Star Trek Panic:


NO NOT THAT PANIC! This panic:

look at me using my own photos 😀

Star Trek Panic is a reskin of the Castle Panic game with a couple changes. The “Panic” games are a cooperative game where you and your friends are a thing (castle, Star Ship Enterprise, etc.) and baddies come at you from all sides. Using your hand of cards you defend your home from the incoming baddies. The changes in Star Trek Panic are minor but help make the game more than the mere re-skin I implied at the start of the paragraph. Each player takes on one of the Star Trek TOS crew (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc) and the ship goes through a series of missions. Once all the missions are complete and the baddies are defeated you win. If the Enterprise blows up, you lose.

The wife and I played this for the first time recently. It was quite engaging and presented something different in our cooperative game playing (which is currently Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and was Pandemic Legacy). There are many missions and there are 6 characters you can play. It doesn’t seem that challenging and Large Fry could probably pick it up (it helps that you play open handed). HOT TAKES:🔥🔥


Ok. I’m back. Lets get rewriting.

What did I play this week?


  • King of Tokyo with the Power UP expansion: In King of New York you and your friends are Kaiju earning victory points for destroying the city. Of course, what fun would it be if you couldn’t kill your friends so that is a perfectly valid strategy as well (in fact if you win in any other way did you really win 🤔?). And of course you can play as a giant robot with a fish in a fishbowl for a head:
    King of New York is quick and simple to teach (roll some dice like Yahtzee, destroy things, kill other Kaiju). And just about anyone can pick it up and play it. In fact we taught someone three turns into the game as a new player came in late to game night. HOT TAKES:🔥🔥1/2
  • Codenames: Pictures: You remember everything I said last week about Codenames? The same thing here only more so. The pictures make the game easier to draw connections while still requiring a bit of gamesmanship and strategy. I found the pictures to be more literal than the words.🤔

    Yep, I’m sticking with that. Here’s a layout with the clue “LIFT: 3.” (three of these pictures have to do with the word “LIFT”) what do you think?

    Definitely worth every no penny I paid for this (this was an Xmas gift).  HOT TAKES:🔥🔥🔥

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!


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