What Did I Play This Week (I Swear These Will Be Weekly 🙁)

So, regular blogging is a bit of a challenge with two kids and a more than full time job 😪. I got some good gaming in with my game group and with my lovely wife. I’m also going to start linking to some of the regulars that get played so I don’t repeat myself too much:

Old Favorites:

  1. Codenames: Pictures:  Like always.
  2. Jamaica:   This played well at 4. Still lots of fun. Felt bad because there where two new players and I got all of the
  3. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (with Large Fry): You may not remember that this was actually a Christmas present for Large Fry. He loves HP and I thought this would be a good way to get him into more in depth games. At Christmas he wasn’t too into it. I was pretty sure it was because someone was babysitting his play a little too much (not going to say who exactly but I will say it may have been my wife 🙄). Anyway, his reading has taken off recently and he asked to play it again. After playing Book One he immediately asked to play again with Book Two (we played it the next day). He loved it and I am super happy we have another game to play together.
    He will be a bit mad when I don’t let him play Book Seven, but that’s a story for another day.

New Entries:

  1. Dragon and Flagon: is a barroom brawl between an eclectic cast of adventurers. The winner is the person who collects the most glory, mostly by beating everyone else up. We played with 6 people and each had a classic RPG character they controlled (a rogue, sorcerer, paladin, etc). In order to simulate a sense of real-time chaos, players will program their actions in advance. Each player has a deck of actions they can perform with each action takes a certain amount of time. As players take actions their priority in the game shifts around the time track (a track around the board that  of the possible timing throughout the game). At a random preset time late in the game the town guard comes to haul everyone away to the town jail. The actions include what you would expect to happen in a barroom brawl (running around, hitting people, throwing chairs and mugs, and pushing tables around) as well as special actions for each character (my sorceress had a cat familiar and could cast spells like chain lightning).
    Dragon and Flagon was pretty fun. The preprograming of actions made their resolutions seem all the more hectic in their resolution. Often a hand cannon would go off to shooting down to  where the target used to be. This did cause some hard feelings as gronking the pace of the game is a learning curve that a couple at the table didn’t get. Further I wonder how much variety there really is. I won while only using 2 of my unique cards for the whole game. One of my specials (chain lightning) I used to great effect gaining much glory. The second special (my cat familiar) was almost instantaneously removed from the board. Other than those two I only used the common cards. HOT TAKES: 🔥🔥(a solid two) would play again.
  2. Clank! is a deck building dungeon delve that hits all of my buttons pretty good. With a deck builder each player starts with the same deck of cards that provide currency in game to buy more cards for your deck. In Clank! there are three currencies, Experience can be used to buy more cards for the deck, Swords to fight monsters, and Boots to move your meeple through the dungeon board. While moving through the dungeon players will make “Clank!” (THAT’S THE NAME OF THE GAME!) that will draw the dragons attention. Periodically the dragon will attack pulling some random “Clank!” out of the dragon bag to damage the players. The player who gathers the most points through cards, loot and artifacts from deep within the dungeon wins.
    THIS GAME IS GREAT. I heard about it from The Dice Tower (I am pretty sure it is one of Tom’s Top 10 of 2016 (EDIT IT WAS NOT)). Then I found I had an Amazon gift card burning a hole in my digital pocket so I found a little gift to myself. We got it on Friday night and my lovely wife and I played it twice then again on Sunday. I was pushing, lightly, to play it at game night too, but it didn’t quite pan out. On top of all of the fun times Clank! is also a pretty good value. The deck building aspect provides some solid re-playability, the meeples are custom, the dragon token is custom and the board is double sided (DOUBLE SIDED!). Definitely my best purchase of the year (it is only February). HOT TAKES: 🔥🔥🔥 would happily play again

Ok. That’s all for these two weeks. I hope to get another one out in before too long but we do have a family vacation coming up soon so that will surely get in the way.giphy-2


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